PROTAGONIST by Digital Idiots is an Internet Theatre mini-series consisting of six live-stream episodes. The series is streamed live online from Helsinki, Finland and surroundings.

PROTAGONIST is an ongoing project which aims to develop new web based storytelling methods. We are examining the forms of live stream art and trying to reflect the world surrounding us by doing so. We explore different ways of colliding fiction with reality. How can we use the city or the world as our stage, or is it using us?

You as audience will be able to hear and see what the Protagonist hears and sees via a camera installed to Protagonist’s glasses and binaural microphones. The city becomes the stage and its inhabitants turns out to be the cast. Do we have the right to see what Protagonist sees? Do we have the right to make public what has been experienced by the private eye?

The starting point of this project poses the following questions: If one takes away the most fundamental features of a theatre performance, the sharing of a time and a space, what can one experience instead? What kind of interactions, strategies, techniques, compositions and ways of communication are either challenging, hard or impossible on a stage, yet achievable and inspirational in a streamed networked performance?

New episodes coming up during summer 2023!

Want to know more? You may contact us via email: live.protagonist (at)